HTD Technology


VIGMA has advanced technology in Chemical Engineering; we have developed a brilliant quality imprinting technique. We pleased to break new ground for your future business by using our great imprinting technique, HTD.


HTD (Heat Transfer Dye) - this technique allowed vibrant colour with clear, sharp and permanent images onto the balls.


Great Advantage of of HTD Technology:


Top Fig.: Photo quality inlaid technology (# CD-1611-DE)

1. Non-Coating Finish


2. Permanent Quality Colour Guarantee


3. Allowed vibrant colour shown onto the balls


4. Full colour images promises


5. Moulded as part of the ball at 175 lines per inch resolution


6. The image same quality as photo offset printing


7. Balls surface maintain a great density which allowed the ball have the perfect equilibrium when it rolls


8. Guarantee the balls surface equivalent as good as before imprinting



Coating Finish Ball VS Non-Coating HTD Finish Ball

  Coating       Color Image Inlaid Area
  Non-coating       Color Image Inlaid Area
Coating Finish Ball Non-Coating HTD Finish Ball
Uneven thickness of the ball's suraface
Even thickness of the ball's surface
Unbalance ball's density
Ball's density WONT be affected after using HTD technology. Ball's equilibrium can be maintained.
Low resolution graphic inlaid
High resolution, photo quality inlaid
The image is NOT applied to the surface of the ball, where it would eventually rub off even with a coating.
The image is molded as part of the ball, which can keep the color permanently