Accurate Weight

Complying with the BCA standard, all VIGMA balls are of accurate and uniform weight. The balls in each set are made under the same production batch of production. In addition, each set of balls have a batch number for identification and for quality assurance.

Uniform Density & Balance

Uniform density of the Kobo Resin used in VIGMA balls allows to have total control of the balls in direction, speed, spin, impact and rebound. Having uniform density gives the balls perfect equilibrium when rolling.

Perfect Rebound

Kobo Resin used in VIGMA balls has been formulated and tested to give optimum rebound. VIGMA balls react perfectly to your strikes.

Flawless Surface Polish

It is crucial to have perfection in the ball surface to make perfectly strikes. All VIGMA balls have been treated under a water polishing process to ensure the surface is flawlessly round and smooth.

Brilliant Colors

Color quality of all VIGMA balls are controlled by sophisticated professional spectrophotometers. For tailor-made or special edition VIGMA balls, full color photo quality images are permanently dyed using the latest imprinting technology HTD (Heat Transfer Dye). The design colors are assured and hence the images on the balls are clear, sharp and enduring.

Excellent Brilliancy

With our unique formula of resin, the lustrous and smooth surface of the balls is maintained despite repeated hitting and high fiction temperatures.

Extreme Hardness

VIGMA balls are manufactured to sustain up to 10,000 lb loads. The extreme hardness of Kobo Resin allows VIGMA balls to be at least twice more scratch-resistance than other balls. The likelihood of getting burn spots on both the balls and the cloth is dramatically reduced and hence save money.

Best Value

Direct from the manufacturer, VIGMA balls are believed to be not only the best value for money billiard, snooker and pool balls to play with, they are also collectors items. Exclusive Kobo Resin is used for all VIGMA balls to provide extended life at least 5 times greater than conventional balls and can withstand over 400,000 hits, making them especially cost effective for commercial gamerooms.


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