Riley Tournament Sponsor by VIGMA 2005


Riley Tournament:
Saturday 23rd April and a small but perfectly formed and talented field of 9 ball hopefuls descended on Riley's Plumouth for the first event in the APN South West 9 Ball Series. Players from as far away as Reading and Aylesbury had travelled to play in the event.


Quarterfinal (Winner's qualifiers in bold):
Gabor Szalay 8 v 9 Daniel Webber
Kris Vincent 9 v 5 John Burrard
Alan Tunney 7 v 9 Andy Jeronimidis
Shane Dean 1 v 9 Damian Massey


Daniel Webber 9 v 5 Kris Vincent
Andy Jeronimidis 5 v 9 Damian Massey


Daniel Webber 0 v 9 Damian Massey

Finalists Damian Massey and Daniel Webber.